The Benefits of Calisthenics Training


Most fitness and weight loss enthusiasts are forever looking for physical exercise routines that are simple, and effective. Calisthenics training is one such training, it is not only simple, but it can be done by anyone and from anywhere to keep you consistently fit. If your aim is to lose weight, then this is your workout of choice.

What Is Calisthenics 

It falls in the group of resistance training, with the use of your bodyweight. Generally, it involves well rounded and simple workout sequences, meant to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. 

The workouts also improve coordination, cardio, and muscular conditioning and endurance. You can use this workout as a stand-alone exercise routine, but you can also incorporate it into your weight loss bodybuilding or fitness programmes. 

Classic workouts included in this routine include squats, push-ups, and pull-ups; these are done with more intensity and use of positions that are a little more advanced. 

Calisthenics come with many benefits to the user, and they can simply be customized to suit any person undertaking them, whether you are a beginner or advanced trainee.

Types of Calisthenics

Calisthenics workouts target the following parts of the body:

– Upper body

Typical exercise routines in this group consist of pushups and pull-ups and are meant to focus on upper body strength. 

Push-ups help in improving muscle strength, stability, and endurance in your chest, tricep muscle and shoulders. 

Pull-ups, on the other hand, target your biceps and grip, as well as your back. 

– Lower body

The best routines for this part of the body include squats, lunges, crunches, dips, among others. Squats are especially suited and effective in giving you the whole lower body workout. Squats come in various forms, and it all depends on which works well for you. 

For instance, there are the simple squats routines, then there are Tabata squats or the one-legged squats. All these are effective in their own ways in bringing about positive outcomes for your lower body muscle strength, balance, and endurance.

Planning For Calisthenics Training

calisthenics planning

For effective results in your training, you can plan for four sessions each week. You can then have two sessions working on routines that target the upper body, while the other remaining two days you can focus on the lower body. Still, if your aim is to improve on your muscle strength and muscle size, you can slowly incorporate other weights workouts to bring about quick results.

Later on, as the body gets used to the weekly routine, you can start scheduling for full body workouts, which comprises of both the upper and lower body exercise. Typically, ensure that about four to five different exercises are incorporated, and as many rounds of these can be completed in 15 minutes.

Benefits of Calisthenics Training

One of the key benefits of this training is that you can simply do it for anywhere and anytime.

It allows you to build mass and strength, without the use weights and any other equipment. What is needed is just you and your body, and the skills you have acquired.
It’s a cheaper way of exercising and achieving the desired results, without having to enroll for gym classes, and use of complicated equipment.


If you want to keep fit or lose weight, calisthenics workout routines are the way to go. They are both simple and effective.

You just need to master the basics skills; then go on to achieve the muscle strength, stability, and flexibility that your body requires.