Beginning Calisthenics Exercising


Calisthenics is a type of exercises that involve using body weight to achieve the desired results. Calisthenics exercises can be done without the use of workout machinery and the normal gym equipment. The main idea behind the Calisthenics exercises is to gain strength, flexibility, build stamina and endurance. The Calisthenics exercises are designed specifically according to the fitness level of an individual and their health. The Calisthenics exercises can be done almost anywhere since there is minimal use of tools.

To get started with Calisthenics, you will need to start with the basic and build up to the advanced levels. It can take about six months before you can continue to the next level. Most people engage in Calisthenics to lose weight, build muscles and to improve body coordination. Below is detailed information about Calisthenics exercises for beginners.

Basics of Calisthenics exercises

Before you start the Calisthenics workouts, it is important that you know the basics to help achieve your desired goals.

Have goals

Before you start doing these exercises, you should set your goals and what you want to achieve and start from there. With goals, you will stay focused and have a progressive workout journey. You should start with simple Calisthenics exercises and then advance to more skilled levels.

Focus on quality

You should be more focused on the quality of your Calisthenics rather than the quantity. Few quality exercises will help you get the results quickly than hundreds of exercises done incorrectly.

Be mindful

You should be very mindful when doing the Calisthenics exercises. Make sure that you feel your muscles contracting and building up. Your mind should be connected to your muscles, and it will help you know when your body needs rest and when to continue with the exercises.

Don’t forget to breathe

During the Calisthenics exercises, ensure that you breathe in and out severally. You will need enough oxygen to keep you going. Breathing during exercising is healthy.

Workout exercises

Before you start exercising, make sure that you do some warm-ups to prepare your body. Below are some bodyweight exercises that you canengage in during your Calisthenics workouts.


Squats are very beneficial for the legs. When training you focus on the thighs, and hip muscles. To do this exercise, you should stand with the hips at shoulder width apart; the hips should be stacked over the knees and begin lowering yourself. You should lower your back and stop before the hamstrings get to your calves. When doing this exercise, make sure your knees do not bend beyond your toes.


Push-ups help build muscles on the chest and shoulders. You should start by finding somewhere you are comfortable while lying down. Your hands should be under your shoulders apart. Your body should be straight with the head facing down. Push yourself upwards by using your hands and go downwards and repeat the process several times.

Leg Raises

The work out help strengthens your legs and the abdomen. You should find a comfortable place to lie down on your side. Start by lifting either the right or the left leg up to 90 degrees. Lower them down but do not let them touch the floor. Repeat the procedure several times, and they change to the other side and do the same.


Pull-ups exercises are great for your upper body. They help build muscles and strength for your back, arms, and shoulders. You will need a pull-up bar for this exercise. Start by getting into a position whereby your palms should be straight and face forward. Then pull yourself up with the help of your elbows. You should keep pulling until your chin is over the bar.

How to stay focused with Calisthenics exercises

For beginners, it might seem difficult, but with time you get used and start enjoying every bit of the exercises. Here are motivation points to help you stay focused.

Develop a good routine

You should have a foundation for the exercise program that you are about to start. Create a routine and stick by it. If that means working out in the mornings or later at night.

Get a personalized exercise program

To stay focused, you should find an exercise program that offers personalized exercises for you. The programs will help you to stay focused and help you achieve your goals.