The Best Fitness Shoes for Every Workout

Athletic Shoes

Going to the gym is the first step towards an effective workout, but the next is getting there in the best pair of shoe possible. Most people, however, regardless of the exercise they are doing at the gym, workout in running shoes, which is perfectly fine. But if you are serious with getting fit and staying injury free, you should buy a shoe that is specific to the type of workout you’ll be doing. Your shoes can break or make your gym-going experience. Whether you are trying to get in shape or you just want to be physically fit, a good pair of training shoes can help you achieve your goals. Here is a breakdown of the different type of shoes for different exercises.

1. For Weightlifting

Weightlifters require a low-profile shoe that will keep them as close to the ground as possible hence preventing injury risks. No cushion is needed during lifting because it won’t allow your muscles to fire optimally. A shoe that will give one closer contact to the ground is the most appropriate one for weightlifters. The pair should have the right flat soles and provide you with stability all through the lifting. If you wear the wrong shoes, you are not only putting yourself at risk of experiencing leg and foot pain, but you may start developing complications in your spine and hips due to lack of stability and balance.

2. For CrossFit Training

For CrossFit training, cross trainer shoes are the most ideal as they will give one support and ensure stability when they are doing various exercises such as running and weight training. A cross trainer shoe is the best as it has a flat sole and does not have to cushion. It also supports your arch of the foot from underneath and makes you feel like your foot is on the ground. If you don’t wear the right CrossFit training sneakers, you may lose balance and may not have enough traction when carrying weights.

3. For Ellipticals

When working out on an elliptical machine, it is recommended that you wear cross trainers or running shoes. The most important feature to look out for in a shoe for this type of exercise is the sole. If the sole cannot give you traction while working out, you risk injuring yourself. Therefore choose a pair that can provide you with stability and balance. Look for those that have breathable meshes so that they promote circulation of blood in the lower body even as you work out. You shouldn’t feel pain and discomfort after just a few minutes on the machine, if you do, you are probably wearing the wrong shoes.

4. For a Spin Class

The sole is the most vital feature of a spinning shoe. You need one that provides you with stability, balance, and support. Always go for a shoe with a very stiff sole since it will be able to transfer the power that your legs and glute muscles produce, to the pedal. This way, you will not spend too much effort on any one pedal stroke. A shoe with a soft and cushiony sole absorbs the stroking power your legs produce and hence minimizes efficiency.

Which Shoes Should I Buy?

Walking and running may seem familiar but they are two different activities. When walking your body’s weight is distributed more proportionally on your feet than when running. You should therefore not wear the same shoes for the two exercises. Here is what to consider when buying the right pair.

• Running shoes

Runners require a shoe that will keep them stable at all times. The shoe should be designed in a way that it reduces risk of the foot rolling inwards after striking the ground. It should also have a stiffer heel and provide more support to the arch. It should also have enough cushioning to absorb shock when running.

• Walking shoes

These shoes designed specifically for walking. They provide flexibility to the ball of the foot hence allowing stability all through the forefoot. They also have excellent arch support for protection of the foot where there is too much force.

• Trainer shoes

They are designed to provide extra support to the ankle for lateral and forward movement. Trainer shoes are best for almost all types of gym workouts including weightlifting, jogging, and aerobic among others. They can also be used for short runs up to 5km.

Get the Ideal Pair

Different workouts require a specific pair of shoes for maximum performance and stability. Using the same sneakers for all your walking, weightlifting, running and jogging exercises can be tempting. But it is ideal that you have a pair for each type of workout. Wearing the wrong shoes will make you have a difficult exercising time and can put you at risk of getting injuries. It is therefore essential that you get the right type of shoes for you to remain productive.