Introduction to Fitness Nutrition


Fitness nutrition can be broken down into two basic categories: Old school and New school. Basically it comes down to this. In order to be in top shape you need to eat healthy foods. Which is ideally just real and raw foods and vegetables. This is the old school way of thinking. You didn’t need a fad diet to tell you what to eat. Mother nature and intuition did that for you.

Enter new school nutrition. This is the age of fad diets. You can’t escape them. Co-workers talk about them at work, at the gym, on social media, essentially everywhere. Fad diets are just the new school way of relating to healthy nutrition. Nothing has changed. Some fad diets can be dangerous for the athlete because it deprives nutrition important for athletic functions. Most fad diets are not sustainable and try to attract attention by focusing on the latest craze of the time.

Some proven fad diets that are derived from old school way of thinking: Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, Omnivore diet.

The detox diet or (fast & cleanse) is a short term dietary intervention to eliminate toxins from the body. It typically consists of a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet of vegetables, fresh fruit and juice, and water. These diets are used to rid your body of harmful toxins and clean your blood.