3 Steps to Help You Get into Your Zone


In sports, it’s easy to overlook mental preparation. However, getting into the zone before a workout or a game can be almost as important as your pre-workout diet or game strategy. Being mentally ready in sports and fitness is critical to performance. Here are three steps to help you find your zone before every game or workout.

Be in the Now

You want your mind centered on what you’re preparing to do that day, during that workout or in the current game. Drifting back into what you did yesterday, last week, or last month isn’t productive.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t review game performance, or workout charts. But, you shouldn’t allow yourself to dwell on past accomplishments or failures when you’re preparing to train or play now. Staying in the moment can be difficult in real life and especially in sports and fitness.

There is time to review your performance, but as you get ready to train, stick to the task at hand. Be mindful of what your objectives are for that session or game. What are your immediate goals? How can you reach those goals today? Be in the now when training, and especially prior to playing games or matches.

Repetitive Consistency

The next step to get into your zone is through consistent repetition. You may have heard of odd habits that certain athletes follow prior to games or workouts. For instance, one player may put their socks on in the same order before every game.

You may have witness other odd forms repetitive quirks. Some people insist on wearing the same tee-shirt for practice. It really isn’t the order that you do anything; it’s the mindset that’s established by repetitive consistency and habits.

Doing something in a predetermined way helps keep your focus by preventing unnecessary distractions. Pre-game and pre-workout habits in sports, which cultivate repetitive consistency, can help you get into your zone faster.

Fuel Your Mind

While you should begin with these two mental steps for putting yourself into a zone, there are also nutritional tricks to help fuel your mind. Sure, there are pregame and pre-workout drinks that boost your energy levels. However, this step focuses on fueling your mind.

Keeping your sharp mind while you’re training or playing a game is critical. When your mind is sharp, you can successfully block out fatigue and negative thoughts. There is a lot to be said of the concept, mind over body in sports and fitness.

As part of your repetitive pre-workout routine, a form of liquid supplement that fuels your mind. There are also certain foods you can eat regular that help sharpen your mind. With a sharp mind, you’ll be able to not only get into your zone, but stay there throughout the entire game or workout.

When you get into your zone before you hit the training facility, court or field, your intensity will increase. An increase in intensity will make your training more productive or your game performance more successful. Do these steps before your workout or as part of your pregame routine to get into your zone.