The Winning Athletic Mindset


The need for a positive, energetic mindset is, without doubt, one of the most important aspects of achieving as much as possible as an athlete at all levels. Attaining the correct mindset to become a leader in the field of play you choose has seen top coaches and athletes become sought after speakers for top companies. Achieving the athletic mindset of a top performer in any sport can make a difference if you are a professional, amateur, or high school athlete.

The basic attributes

According to some researchers, there are nine basic attributes for achieving the athletic mindset and becoming a better athlete. Among the attributes, most researchers agree on is the need to have a positive attitude at all times with a high level of self-motivation. Other attributes include the need to set high goals that are within reach and to work effectively with others. Positive self-talk and the use of mental imagery are important parts of the needed mindset, along with the need to manage emotions, anxiety levels, and concentration effectively.

Winning is not everything

A common misconception about achieving the correct mindset to become a top athlete is the idea that thinking about winning is all-important. However, achieving your aims as and becoming a better athlete usually comes with the desire to improve upon performance levels and perform as well as possible. In many cases, winning comes about because you, the athlete pushes their mind and body to achieve more than those around them. By achieving a high level of performance on a regular basis and constantly looking to improve on already achieved levels you will simply believe winning is the only option available.

Following the correct advice

One of the key factors you will have to improve if you wish to achieve the athletic mindset is to become an effective part of a team. Most top athletes become leaders within their own team of coaches and support staff, which means you will be able to communicate effectively with others. Communication in terms of listening and talking is essential if you are to gain the advice and information needed to improve your performances.

Getting the right advice

In U.S. sports, less than the top one percent of athletes make it to the professional level and between one and five percent makeup college athletes. Very few top athletes make their way to the top of their sports alone and usually have a team working alongside them to achieve their goals. Getting the best information and advice is key to your aim of becoming an effective athlete who can reach the realistic goals you choose to set yourself. In Europe, top soccer teams such as Manchester United and Real Madrid now work with experts in all areas of lifestyle to make sure their players reach the maximum level of performance for each game. You may wish to follow the example of these teams and explore the possibilities offered by working with a sleep coach who will give advice on how to get the correct level of sleep to achieve your maximum performance level.

The example of the sleep coach shows how an individual can become a better athlete by being open to altering their lifestyle. Making sure every aspect of life is focused on achieving your aims means being open to change and improvement with a positive mindset.